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As BJP, Nitish differ on population policy, Sushil Modi asks NDA to sit, deliberate.

In a bid to play down divergent statements on population control measures from NDA leaders, former Bihar deputy CM and senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi on Wednesday urged the allies to not make contradictory statements on the issue and suggested that the parties sit together and arrive at a common ground.

While the Rajya Sabha MP did not name any leader, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had on Monday said that education and awareness, and not legislation alone, can help control population.

Sushil Modi told reporters: “NDA allies must not issue contradictory statements on ways to control population but should sit together to sort it out. Since India is a country with a big population, there have been discussions at legal, administrative and academic levels. The VHP has opposed the single-child norm; some other organisations have a different opinion on it.”

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