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Apple iPhone 13 tests whether deals, cameras will spur upgrades.

Apple Inc is releasing its iPhone 13 lineup on Friday, testing whether new camera technology and aggressive carrier deals will get shoppers to snap up a modest update of last year’s model.

After the company began to take orders for the device on September 17, the new products — the iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max — are now reaching stores and consumers. This year’s biggest changes include a narrower notch at the top of the screen, camera features like Cinematic mode and up to a few hours of additional battery life. The product also has a somewhat faster processor. What the iPhone 13 doesn’t have is a dramatic redesign, and that may lead some consumers to put off a purchase until next year. But Apple does have some tailwinds, including a broader transition to 5G networks that may entice shoppers. US carriers also are competing fiercely with discounts and promotions.


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